I was employed as a web designer at SFU from 2006 to 2013. One of my first large web projects at SFU was the website for the 2008 Open House. Following success with this site, I was given the opportunity to produce several other notable websites including: the President Report from 2007–2010, the first SFU Public Square Community Summit and the 50th anniversary fundraising campaign. In 2010 I completed work on a refactor of the main CSS for the main SFU page, which was later integrated into the new university-wide content management system.

SFU's homepage after refactor After
SFU's homepage before refactor Before
Before and after of the rewrite of sfu.ca

Another aspect of my job was providing support for the university brand, which had just been rolled out when I first joined the SFU Design Group. I was responsible for executing the new brand including production of university templates for Microsoft Office. Following an update to SFU’s strategic plan, the university brand evolved, and I was involved in updating the branding materials.

A small collection of HTML emails designed and coded for SFU

My responsibilities at SFU extended beyond website design and branding. I was involved in numerous other projects including design of new bags for the bookstore, design and layout of the bi-weekly newspaper, creating marketing emails for various departments, and design of convocation materials.

Stage TEN

Mix and combine live video in the cloud.

Stage TEN's cloud-based control room


Helping to promote a sport in Canada, building leaders for the future and find the next big idea.

Some examples of work I've done for clients

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